Project Management with ProjectOpen and Odoo

Import of projects and timesheets for quotes and invoices in Odoo

Integration of ProjectOpen and Odoo

With the integration of data from ProjectOpen in Odoo, we combine the advantages of a project management tool with Odoo to generate the maximum benefit from both systems.


  • Planning and tracking the projects in ProjectOpen

  • Time reporting and Timesheets in ProjectOpen

  • Reports and reports on projects from ProjectOpen

  • Creation of offers in Odoo based on project planning in ProjectOpen

  • Different rates / products based on cost centers from Project Open

  • Import and transfer of reported hours from ProjectOpen to Odoo

  • Manual and automatic allocation of hours to orders

  • Warning if actual time is higher than offered hours

  • Adaptation modify reports in ODOO for quotes, orders, invoices without the original hours Reports

  • Adaptation of time reports for quotes, orders , invoices

  • Integration of comments from timesheets in invoice

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Import Timesheets into Odoo

Project members reported there worked time in ProjectOpen. Their reported hours can be imported in Odoo. The imported data can be used as a basis for invoicing.

Users & Resources from ProjectOpen

User and resources from ProjectOpen can also be imported or entered manually in Odoo. After the setup reported hours can be allocated to the corresponding employee or resource.

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Project data from ProjectOpen in Odoo

By the module of IT IS AG, all projects from ProjectOpen are available in Odoo. With this functionality you can adopt estimated or reported hours from ProjectOpen in Odoo to create quotes or invoices based on this data.

Selection of projects in Odoo

After importing projects from ProjectOpen, based on your selection projects in Odoo, you can assign projects to Appropriate reports or invoice in Odoo.

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Transfer of the data from ProjektOpen to Odoo

The data from Project Open will be displayed in Odoo and is available for quotes and invoices.

Assignment of hour bookings

Imported or updated hours from ProjectOpen are automatically assigned to the corresponding tasks by the wizard.

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Visualization of changed data

If values are modified by importing updated data, the according changes in Odoo are colour-coded.

Processing option in Odoo

After importing data from ProjectOpen in Odoo you have the possibility to adjust data and values.

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